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articles about GODENTA and their dentists

"Tannlege i utlandet Mye å spare på tannbehandling"    internet magasin 10.2008
("a dentist abroad, a lot to save at dental treatment) 

"Spar penger , Søk tannlege utenlands" i Bedre Helse  Nr.9  2008
("save money, look for a dentist abroad") in "Better Health" Norway

"Tannbehandling til halv pris", i Oppland Arbeiderblad 2007, se
("dental treatment for half the price")

  "Spar mye penger på tannbehandling" næ   01.2009
("Save much money at dental treatment")

"Sparer 30.000 på tannlege i utlandet", 23.03.2011, NRK Forbrukerinspektørene
report in the Norwegian TV ( consumer inspectors ) "Save 30.000 NOK ( Norwegian Crowns ) at the dentist.
Links :
watch it in Nett TV :

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Bedre Helse
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Patients reviews
mentioned in international press
  Better Health, Norway, about GODENTA Tannbehandling til halv pris, Oppland Arbeiderblad article about dentists in Poland, GODENTA  

Artikkel om Godenta tjenester i Gdansk, omtalt i Oppland Arbeiderblad av 13, januar 2007, se
Tekst og bilder : Geir Norling ; 
Translation from Norwegian by Karolina P.

Dental Treatment For Half the Price

Even with my infinitesimal knowledge of the Polish language I understood what I had to do. I opened my mouth wide and Maja Rakowska, the dentist, looked inside.

I was at the dentist in Gdynia, Poland. The reason was that I had lost a filling. Not just a normal filling, but an enormous one. I felt that my tongue disappeared inside the hole each time I checked how big it was. My dentist in Norway meant that there was no use filling the tooth if the hole was so big that my tongue disappeared in it. The tooth needed to be given a crown. I knew that I had a similar filling on the other side of my oral cavity as well. It was then I remembered that Polish dentists were just as good as Norwegian, but considerably cheaper.  I took a chance and decided for a Polish dentist.
I could combine the dental visit with a one-week holiday. The weather forecast promised seven days of good weather. The golf course in Postołowo was opened, so I could spend the time between the dental pleasures hitting a golf ball.

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How did I find an English speaking dentist, I thought. I knew that knowledge of English among Poles was not very good. I sat down at the computer, opened Google and typed: <Dentist + Gdansk >.
By a lucky chance I found I sent an email and got an answer from Reinhard Pletzer. He wrote that he represented many dentists in Gdynia-Gdansk area and could arrange a dental visit at short notice. He also estimated that a crown would cost around 1000 PLN. The dental treatment would take five to seven days. I took a chance and he arranged a visit in Medica Dent i Gdynia. I quickly realized that Godenta arranged dental trips, preferably for Germans with toothache. The price was the same. Godenta took commission for providing the dentists with new clients. And that’s not all. They could also arrange accommodation, transport and anything a tourist would need in a foreign country. I used some of their services. Reinhard Pletzer supplied me with a hire car at a reasonable price, lower than I would get in large international car hire companies. He met me at the airport with a map and a paper with useful telephone numbers.

Remarks from GODENTA : "Mr. Norling also got a mobilphone with a polish card, free of charge for the time of his visit, so he could use all this numbers for the very low polish fees.

I got accommodation at a guesthouse near the golf course in Postołowo. I knew from my previous visit that I would get a room and good food for 240 NOK a day, breakfast included.


The next day I drove to Gdynia. Thanks to the good map it wasn’t difficult to find the way. What the map didn't tell me was that it was nearly impossible to find a parking place. There were cars everywhere, on the pavement and along the streets. Keeping the Norwegian traffic culture in mind, I was considering parking in a little parking space but I waited too long and a Pole stole it. I realized why there are so many small cars in Poland. Only small cars can park everywhere. I learned quickly and soon I found a parking space that would make the eyes of an Europark parking guard in Norway twinkle with greed.

Remarks from GODENTA : It was christmas shopping time and we reserved a parking in the front of the dentist`s office for 30 min, but Mr.Norling parked somewhere else and came on foot, so we didn´t saw him.

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  At the dentist I was met by Maja Rakowska. She was one of five dentists at this dentist’s office. I noticed that it was a modern office.  Maja Rakowska looked young, later I found out that she was 28 years old. She took a look into my mouth and told me what I already knew: there was a biiig hole.
- Your tooth needs root canal treatment and strengthening before I can place the crown. It looks like I have to do the same with the other tooth, she said when the x-ray was taken.
The x-ray was for that matter taken electronically and my row of teeth was shown on a computer display. I was informed that the dental treatment would take a week, with three visits. During the first visit the tooth would be treated with root canal therapy, during the second it would be strengthened and the index taken. The dental technician needs a couple of days to make the porcelain crown. The crown would be placed during the third visit.
Maja Rakowska was a competent and thorough dentist. I spent six hours on the dentist chair altogether, during the three visits. The second visit was the longest. I didn’t feel any pain. The crowns were placed during the third visit and everything was trouble-free.
We conversed in English, since Maja spoke English well. I paid a total of 3000 PLN. or 6394 NOK, ( 1 PLN costs 2,13 NOK )
Maja Rakowska looked at my amalgam fillings: You have 11 amalgam fillings. It would take three visits, an hour and a half each, to replace amalgam fillings with composite fillings. It will cost some 2000 PLN.
  What can you do in Gdynia-Gdansk between your dental appointments? A lot. Poland is an exciting holiday country. I believe shopping happy tourists would find the shops exciting and reasonable. There are many shopping centres along E-6 bypass road. You will find known international shop chains there as well. In the cities there are also many shops. It is said that you can get shoes at very reasonable price in Poland, but my knowledge about shoe prices is too limited to tell how you make a bargain here. When I looked at the prices it seemed cheap. I had my hair cut and got really surprised. I found a hairdresser in a big shopping centre. He spoke only Polish, but with finger movements I managed to explain how I wanted to get my hair cut. It costed me 15 PLN (32 NOK). Women with more complicate hairstyles can pull off a coup. Full head colour was on special offer from 49 PLN (105 NOK).  
  Prices in Poland are in PLN. You double the Polish price, add a bit and then you get the price in NOK. Poland hasn’t introduced euro. One I spoke with told me that it wouldn’t be introduced until 2012. They don’t want to double the prices as other countries that introduced euro, he said.
For those with an active lifestyle there are many fitness centres to choose between. I was in the newly opened Aqua park on the border between Gdynia and Sopot. It is an impressive bathing center with excellent sauna facilities. You can choose between seven different saunas. One hour here costs 25 PLN. The whole day – 40 PLN. On top of that I wanted a massage, it was 60 PLN for one hour. In summertime you can enjoy long, fine beaches in Sopot, a city between Gdynia and Gdansk. These three cities are close to each other and form one big city.
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  Old town in Gdansk is also worth visiting. This old hanseatic city was completely bombed out during the Second World War. Shortly after the war ended this historic district was rebuild stone after stone and now it is just as it was before the war, authentic and impressive. You feel the history when you walk around the old town. You’ll find many cafés and restaurants here with good food at nice prices. There are also many shops with amber jewellery here, since there’s a lot of amber in this part of the Baltic Sea.
I myself played golf. Despite the fact that it was December the golf course in Postołowo was in good condition. I stayed at the “Noce i Dnie” guesthouse nearby. They have very nice prices here. In the city it is obviously more expensive, but it’s no problem to find good hotels with reasonable prices in Gdansk-Sopot-Gdynia.
  How much did I save? I contacted Norwegian dentists to get a price for the dental treatment I had in Poland. They didn’t give me any exact price, but approximately I paid less then half the Norwegian price. One of the dentists in Norway told me that I would pay around 16000 NOK for two root canal treatments, strengthening and crowns made in Norway. If the crowns were made in the far East, what is very common, I would pay a bit less. What makes the dental treatment in Poland expensive is the journey, stay and other transport. But my arithmetic calculation showed that I still saved money although I had to buy air ticket on short notice with Norwegian that has direct fights to Gdansk.   
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  Dental Treatment:   3200 PLN  (653 GBP)  
  Flight, Norwegian:   1140 PLN   (233 GBP)  
  (planned carefully and early, you could get the flight to Gdansk for less than 500 PLN)      
  Car rental for seven days :   700 PLN     (143 GBP)  
  Accomodation with breakfast:   840 PLN     (171 GBP)  
  Total:   5.880 PLN (1200 GBP)  
  For the same treatment in Norway you would have to pay 13.000 to 16.000 NOK 6500-8000 PLN  
  I did not include the cost of food in my calculation. It would make the calculation even more favourable, because the food is much less expensive in Poland than in Norway. And you have to eat anyway!  
  Traveling :      
  Norwegian has direct flights to Gdansk, and there is a daily ferry boat connection between Karlskrona (Sweden) and Gdynia.      
  Other prices (1 zloty ==> ca. 0.2 GBP): 1GBP = 4,9 PLN      
  Washing and cutting, women:   25 zloty  
  Washing and cutting, men:   15 zloty  
  Vask og legg av håret damer:   19 zloty  
  Vask, klipp, striper legg:   49 zloty  
  Colouring:   55 zloty  
  Fitness Aqua park:      
  Swimming pool one time, working days:   19 zloty  
      (weekend 21 zloty)  
  Family , working days   14 zloty  
      (weekend16 zloty)  
  Sauna one time   25 zloty  
  Sauna and swimming pool   30 zloty  
  Sauna whole day   40 zloty  
  Sauna and swimming pool whole day   60 zloty  
  Massage whole body 50 min   50 zloty  
  Peeling with salt:   55 zloty  
  Peeling with leire:   30 zloty  
  Chocalat bath:   90 zloty  
  Massage with warm stone:   60 zloty  
  Footmassage:   30 zloty  
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  Over 250 patients a year from 23 different countries are using the services of GODENTA and their dentists :  
  from Norway, England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, USA, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico,Taiwan, France, Finnland, Bosnia, Serbia
and of course Poland
  Charlotte H., Norway, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk, October 2011  

I hope all is well with you, your family and business. I wish to thank you
for all your help and support, which definitely was a major contribution to
a successful visit for us in Gdansk......

...... My mother is very happy with her denture. People are
noticing the difference as well as she does herself, and she has had no
adjustment discomfort at all. So we both wish to thank both you and the
clinic for excellent care and service.

  Sigrid W., Deutschland, treatment at MILADENT, Danzig  
  Sehr geehrter Herr Pletzer,

gerade habe ich Ihre Adresse an eine weitläufige Bekannte weiter gegeben. Auch wenn es schon eine Weile her ist, seit ich bei Ihnen in Danzig war, so habe ich die gute Behandlung nicht vergessen. In diesem Sinne möchte ich mich auch nocheinmal beim Godenta Team bedanken. Alles ist noch Bestens, die Prothese passt nach wie vor und ich bin sehr zufrieden damit. Leider haben viele Leute Angst, so weit zu fahren, egal wie sehr ich Sie empfehle. Daran kann ich leider nichts ändern. Aber ich weiß, sollte bei mir wieder etwas gemacht werden, komme ich unverzüglich zu Euch.
Bitte richten Sie dem Team meine Grüsse aus.
Ich hoffe auch, das es Ihnen und Ihrem kleinen Jungen gut geht und verbleibe
mit freundlichen Grüssen
Lars and Erling, Danmark, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk, April 2011
Hello Reinhard
We want to thank you for your help – we are very happy with the dental work we have received at Miladent.
Thank you
Lars and Erling
Grete, Norway, e-mail to MILADENT, Gdansk April 2011

Thank you for last.
Now we have been in Norway for a while, it goes well with new teeth.
Must say that it is very good with the "new " teeth, so a big thanks again, to you and your employees.
There are many who say I am really changed, have probably only accept it ;-)
Have not decided yet when we travel to Gdansk again, maybe late May.
I order the new hours for treatment as soon as I know.

I have one question from my brother in law:
What is the price of a new tooth that is missing on the left side number 14?
Do you recommend a bridge or implantan?

I wish you your family and employees a great weekend.
Greetings from Lasse also

Kjell S. , Horten, Norway, treatment at MILADENT, February 2011

...........ich möchte gerne schreiben dass Garantie und Service super ist, aber ich brauche ein Idé zu ein Forum - wo schreibe ich sowas nieder, ..............

Also danke nochmals für guter und netter Service, und bis dann...
Ich war wie du weisst in eine Säuberungsbehandlung (oder was soll ich es nennen?) hier. Zahnfleisch und Zahnhälse saubern. Bakterienmessung, Antibiotika. Die letzte kontrollbehandlung war letzter Montag. Die ZAHelferin, die der Check machte, war genau so neugierig wie ich zu was in Gdansk eigentlig gemacht worden war. So sie spendierte eine Röntgenaufnahme. Die Arbeit hat ihr imponiert. Das - sagte sie - ist guter Handwerk. Das wird halten! Wir könnten nur zwei Stifte erkennen, und da waren ja nur zwei Löcher dafür in der Prothese, so ich muss mir wohl verhört haben bei "drei".

Auch hat es ihr imponiert, dass die Garantie so 100%-ig und problemfrei funktioniert hat. Nach der Behandlung haben wir weiter geredet, und sie nannte, dass es öfter vorkommt, dass Patienten nach Auslandsstellen fragen. Weil sie keine erste-Hand kenntnisse hat, hat sie keine konkrete Ratschläge geben können. Ich nannte dann Godenta, was sie aufschrieb und sie wollte die Homepage später anschauen. Vielleicht wird sie dir weiter empfehlen - ich betonte ja auch deiner exzellenter persönlichen Service Gdansk als schöner Ort und das Apartment als üppig........

Rogelio,  Mexiko/Norway, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk February 2011
Hello Reinhard,
I am in Oslo now and the inflammation is less now. Thanks for the help in Gdansk and without any doubts I will recommend you here in Oslo!.......
Kurt, Norway, treatment at MILADENT, February 2011
Thank you again for great service in Gdansk last week.....
Andre K., Norway, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 12.2010

………We will definitly come back to Gdansk soon. But it has to be a little warmer :)
Axxxxxx is so pleased with the dental treatment.
Thank you so much for all your good help. Have a nice christmas.

Kind regards
Exxxxxxxx + Axxxxxxx

Erik K. , Norway, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 09.2010
 ..........I am very satisfied with all the treatment and with all your helpful work in my stay. I tell everyone about this accommodating treatment and I suppose someone soon understand and take a trip to you because of my talking of the delighted treatment.
Best regards to you, Erik and your wife.
Erik K.
Sigrid W. , Deutschland, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 09.2010
......Sie sind ein Schatz........
Charlotte C., Norway, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 07.2010
....The best excperience I ever had in my live at a dentist
.... I will never visit a Norwegian dentist again.....
Anders K., Norge,treatment at Miladent, Gdansk 07.2010

Thank you for your effeciency and professionalism.

Hello Reinhard!
I love doing business with you Germans, you have a sense of properness your sourrounding countries lack.
This email is most helpfull and I look forward to meeting you at the airport............

..... Many of my friends are curious about this treatment and the price. I am primarely not traveling to save money, but to be able to afford the work. I have delayed it for some time. If i am happy, I will recomend you to my friends and family too.Again, thank you for being most helpfull!

Roar Lauvstad, Norge, treatment at Miladent, Gdansk 06.2010
Hi Again Reinhard !
First off all i will thank you so much for all the help and the good good service you gave me, and made my stay inn Gdansk easy as it could be.
And I'm very sorry that i was kind off not thinking at all when i last spoke to you, den i would have asked you if i could have paid you to drive me to the airport, sorry for that. but it's probably a reason for every thing, there was a emergency evacuation at the airport and it was just when i was arriving there with a lot traffic jam and chaos.
and i hope you find it ok that I'm telling my friends and family about the excellent treatment you gave me, and it's ok that i give them your e-mail address so some off them can contact you, for the same reason that i did. and get you some new customers
Again thank you so very much for all the help, and if you need a reference inn Norway don't hesitate to give them my e-mail
Best regards
Monika B., Oslo, Norge, treatment at Miladent, Gdansk 05.2010
Hi :)
First i want to say tanx for last time :) I`m verry satisfied :)
And l`m looking forward to next time :)And then i need to ask you a question...
I have a friend how want to fix something.........
Kai D., Oslo, Norge, treatment at Miladent, Gdansk 05.2010
Tks a lot for good help during our stay Reinhard.....
Leif N. ,Moss,Åge A., Norge, treatment at Miladent, 05.10.2010

Hello Reinhard!
Have talked with Åge and he is very happy with their new teeth in upper jaw, he would as soon as possible to fix the lower jaw with Miladent, Åge has asked me to contact you again for a new contact....


Nå har jeg fått nye tenner, Går og ”gliser” heile dan. Er veldig fornøyd med resultatet,
Now I've got new teeth, Going, and "smile" all day. I am very pleased with the outcome, thanks for all the help.

Erik.K, Oslo, Norge, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 02.2010

Hello Reinhard,Thank you for a nice and helpful stay at Gdansk last time......

Thomas L. , Trondheim, Norge, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 09.2009

Etter en lang e-post diskusjon, der jeg spurte og gravde om muligheter rundt besøket til Gdansk har jeg nå endelig gjennomført besøket til tannlegen i Polen med MEGET gode resultater.
Før hadde jeg fullt av skeive tenner samt en brukket tann og synes derfor det var på tide å gjøre noe. Jeg gikk først til min tannlege i Norge og fikk et horribelt pris tilbud som jeg absolutt ikke var villig til å betale før jeg hadde sjekket mine alternativ.
En på jobben anbefalte meg Polen og jeg satte meg ned med Google. Her fant jeg frem til Godenta som jeg leste en del om i bl.a. artikkelen under før jeg tok kontakt med.
Jeg sendte tilbudet fra min tannlege i norge samt røntgenbilder (På norsk) til Reinhard. Det jeg fikk tilbake overrasket meg meget.
Her fikk jeg fullt ut regnestykke samt pris for leilighet og opplysninger rundt et evt. besøk etter kun 1 dag. Høflig og fint satt sammen på så kort tid kan du ikke forvente i norge.
Når jeg endelig kom meg av gårde etter en del mnd (jeg var litt treig) ble jeg ennå mer positiv overrasket, Reinhard møtte opp på flyplassen på avtalt tidspunkt og kjørte meg rett til tannlegen for å starte behandlingen. Etter den første behandlingen, der jeg fikk tilbud om et nytt smil, som for øvrig bare tok 2 timer med avstøpninger og forarbeid ble jeg kjørt til leiligheten og fikk sjekket inn med avtale om en ny time med 1 dag fri.
Fredagen kom og jeg ble nok en gang hentet av Reinhard som kjørte meg til Tannlegen.
Etter 2 timer til i stolen var behandlingen ferdig og jeg satt igjen med et splitter nytt smil! Tannlegene i Polen er etter min erfaring mye bedre en i Norge, ikke bare på pris, men også på kvalitet.
Tusen takk for konge service og resultat, jeg er en ny person!
Reinhard Pletzer og Godenta er anbefalt på det varmeste fra min side!

Vil for øvrig også henvise til en artikkel i avisen Næringslivet (24.03.2009) Der du får en full anbefaling samt tips og triks ved ditt besøk til Reinhard og Gdansk, Polen -

Roald Bolle and wife, Tromsø, Norge, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 06.2009
Overlege / Førsteamanuensis (associate professor)
Universitetssykethuset i Nord-Norge / Universitetet i Tromsø
( Senior physician at the hospital of the University in Tromso / Norway )
( Associate professor at the University of Tromso / Norway )
contact :
contact him if you want to learn about his opinion and his experience with GODENTA
  Maren + Fredrik, Norway, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 04.2009  
  Helo our new friend !  
  Thank you so much for extremly good help and service here in Gdansk.
This trip would never been the same without you.
You and Mr. "NO PROBLEM" ( Dr. Dominik, MILADENT ) are Marens heroes !!! ( tell him from me )
We'll tell everybody we know about this exelente service.
If you need us as a reference we'll be happy to !
We hope to see you again.
Big hug from Fredrik and Maren ( with the perfect smile )
Mark Vocetti, Australia / Bavaria, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 04.2009
His treatment (after a kickboxing incident) will be finished in October 2009, than you could read more....
The most of our German clients will know him from the mostly seen TV Show in Europe "Wetten das..", Germany.
He is a squash professional and was seen in a bet with Paris Hilton in the show..
Watch the video on Youtube :
or take a look here :
Adrian L. + Mette,  Australia; Malmö, Sweden, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 03.2009

Hi Reinhard!

..............The dental work has been completely fine, other than the occasional pain in the gums, which has mostly gone now fortunately. No trouble at all with the root canal, which I was really suprised with, as the dentist said it would likely didnt hurt at any point at all! :)

I am really impressed with their efforts, and with your efforts and service. You have done very well and I am very thankful for how you have helped out. Have you had many more customers since? I hope so, I think the big crowd should be coming in from Norway soon? Fingers crossed, as that could be good for you guys.

How are your lovely wife Johanna, and cute son Erik going? Mette and I both say hi, and hope they are doing very well.............

Anyways have a nice day, and keep in touch!


Leif S., Oslo, Norge, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 11.2008

Hello Reinhard !
Just want to thank you very much for what you did for me and my brother.
It was not in my dreams to be treated like you did...........

........Spoke to my brother now - he is very satisfied with his new smile and all
the people who are making so much afford to help him.
Again Reinhard - thank you..........

....Hello Reinhard - thank you for the pictures - he looks like a movie star -
just what we dreamed about. I talked to him at the phone this evening and he
is very,very happy. It is like a new life for him - tell the dentist thank
you from me - they are realy very skilled..........

Margaret R.H., Trondheim, Norge, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 2008
Good morning! 
Great to see German efficiency at work.
I am so grateful!...........
Knut D., Gjøvik, Norge, treatment at MILADENT Gdansk 2008
Hei my best friend Reinhard!

My two "girls" Synne and Sylvia are safe back in Norway, and after what I have beeing told concerning their stay and treatment from all of you in Gdansk I am realy mute. You have all been a wonderful and helping crew.
Who could expect that!
My girls have only positive things to say about you!
Promise me to estimate my wifes invitiation for you to us her in Gjøvik; that would be an interesting happening!
By the way, in the reception on the Hotel there is something that belongs to you, a phone etc.
+ some "medicin" for your cold.
Again, thanks for all things you and the dentist crew have done, and I am glad I have got a new "friend" in Poland (?)

Yours sincerely
Toryll B. ; Ulleval Oslo, Norge, treatment at Dr. Frankowski , Gdansk
....I am very satisfied with my teeth, no problems at all. My dentist take
an x-ray to times a year, to be sure. I am soooo greatful for what you
have done for me. And also greatful for that nice dr. Frankowski and
his staff......
Leif N. ; Norge, treatment at MILADENT, Gdansk 2008

Hello Reinhard!
Thank you very much for your good help with my treatment. Everything ok
with my new teeth, ....................... I
I will come back with a mail for more treatment after this summer.

Best regards,

More new teeth 2009
..................I am so lucky with may new teeth so I thinking to change the rest of them.......
Best regards,


Lars K.-M. , Berlin , Germany
Am 10.02.07 mail an Godenta.
„.....Ich hatte immer so meine Probleme beim Zahnarzt, aber bei Prodent werde ich ganz toll versorgt.
So eine modern eingerichtete Praxis habe ich auch vorher noch nicht gesehen.
Es gibt keine Wartezeiten und die Zahnärztin Frau Odya spricht perfekt Deutsch, alles was sie vorhat, erklärt sie mir ausführlich.
Vollkommen stressfrei ! Da ich öfters nach Danzig komme, werde ich Prodent zu meiner Stammpraxis machen und das nächste Mal auch meine Partnerin zur Behandlung mitbringen ....“

  Translation : ......I always had problems at the dentist, but at PRODENT they take care very much about me. Such a modern equipped dentist office I´ve never seen before, there are no waiting times and the dentist Mrs. Ewa Odya speaks German perfectly ( English also) all that she wants to do she explains carefully to me. Totally stress free.....  
  Arne B. F., Steinkjer, Norge,  
  E-Mail 25.03.07 an GODENTA  
  .......The treatment was very good and I will continue with Ewa. (PRODENT).......  
  Kjell K., Drøbak, Norge,  
  E-Mail 04.04.07 an GODENTA  


"My oh May (a) - min fantastiske tannlege i Polen"

Få igjen smilet!

Mange nordmenn har et stort behov for å gjøre noe med tennene for å få et penere smil, men norske tannlegepriser begrenser denne muligheten sterkt.

Misnøye med eget smil er hemmende og git mange inntrykk av usikkerhet og manglende selvtillit.

Et manglende, kanskje rotete eller misfarget tannstell, er i mange tifeller noe man kanskje ikke selv er skyld i, gjerne skulle ha gjort noe med, men dessverre sjelden eller aldri har råd til å gjøre noe med......

Norge som et av verdens rikeste land er snart det eneste som ikke har sosial tanntjeneste.  Derfor må andre gjøre noe for at nordmenn skal kunne smile igjen, med lommeboka sånn noenlunde intakt......
Jeg er en av mange som i oppveksten ikke var flink til å ta vare på tennene ming.  Og som følte at jeg ikke hadde råd til å gjøre  med det som jeg burde – fordi jeg syntes det var ”svinedyrt”.

Da jeg den 13. januar i år leste en artikkel i Oppland Arbeiderblad om en som skrøt uhemmet av polsk tannpleietjeneste – at den iflg. forfatteren var norsk tannpleietjeneste overlegen i såvel kvalitet som i tid - tok jeg kontakt med det jeg trodde var polsk koordineringstjeneste for tannpleien i Gdansk omårdet - og reiste ned for selv å sjekke sannshetsgehalten i utsagnene..

At det var langt rimeligere var logisk, men at det også kunne være bedre var jeg i utgangspunktet noe tvilende til....

Da jeg uansett skulle til Polen for å finne samarbeispartnere til mitt firma, og behovet for seriøs tannpleie var økende bestemte jeg å kombinere det firmamessige (rekrutteringen) med det private.  Og da mitt behov for tannpleie var omtrent det samme som foratterens, bestemte jeg meg for å bruke samme koordinator og sammen tannlege som han hadde vært så fornøyd med.  

Jeg slo derfor opp Godenta,de på nettet og leste hvordan Godenta gjør alt for å koordinere det nødvendige og det ønskelige for å sikre at kundene ikke løper noen risika og ikke vil oppleve ubehagelige overraskelser underveis..

Min Godentakontakt Reinhard Pletzer viste seg å bli en uvurderlig støtte for suksessen i Gdansk, såvel for tannpleien som for rekrutteringen.  Han er mildest talt kunnskapsrik på mange områder og snakker flytende tysk, engelsk og nokså godt polsk.

Etter et fantastisk opphold med vellykkede rekrutteringsinitiativ, en særdeles vellykket tannløsning, og et hyggelig opphold i Gdansk, har jeg bestemt meg for å bistå Reinhard i hans arbeid med å koordinere nordmenn til Gdansk og bedre tannstell.

Jeg tilbød meg derfor å være førstekontakten for de norkse kunder som skulle ønske å vite om eller bestille tannarbeid i Gdansk.
Slik at de kan få igjen smilet sitt slik de ønsker det og slik jeg har fått det nå.

Selv for en som har reist så mye i verden som jeg (men aldri før vært i Polen) er det ikke alltid lke lett å vite hvor man bør bo, hva det koster, hvor viktig det er å bo i rimelig forhold til den tannlegen i forhold til viktigheten av andre forhold, om du trenger leiebil for en dag eller to, eller for lengre tid, i forhold til hva lokale Reinhard kan tilby deg av sine tjenester.

Reinhard er en svært vennlig og positiv tysk ingeniør som selv tok iniativet til å starte et eget firma med hensikt å bistå tyskere and engelskmenn som (på samme måte som oss) syntes tysk og engelsk tannpleie var svinedyrt.  Reinhard snakker flytende tysk, engelsk og fransk, lærer seg polsk (samboer med polsk pike Joanna), samt er en usedvanlig serviceminded person.  For historisk interesserte er han også svært oppdatert på polsk historie og kjenner alle steder hvor historisk viktige ting foregikk.  Vi var eksempelvis på Stutthof ("mini-auschwitz"), sett stedet der 2. verdenskrig startet, blitt vist Polens uendelige nordkyst med endeløse (500 km!!) sandstrender med finkornet sand (hvor jeg planlegger min neste ferie), besøkt Polens urørte by - turisteenteret Sopop (med verdens lengste brygge), blitt guidet i gamlebyen i Gdansk, og hatt uminnelige stunder som jeg ikke ville vært foruten.  Og dette uten annen kostnad for meg enn noen få ekstra middager og litt bensin.  Ikke at middager og bensin var kostnaden, for Reinhardts tjenester er gratis, men fordi vi er mennesker og fordi han var en så hyggelig fyr som fortjente det og mer..

Men tilbake til tannpleien....

Da jeg skulle vurderes i Norge for bro eller krone, ble jeg sendt til en spesialist for å finne rotkanalsen på en tann for at den skulle kunne fylles hvis man fant den, og labe krone, vs bygge bro hvis rotkanalen var krystalisert.  Den norske spesialisten tok seg som vanlig svært godt betalt for å lete, men fant ingen åpen rotkanal, tettet tannen og foreslo bro.  Bortkastet tid og penger.

I Polen tok  tannlege "Maya" seg tiden til å lete litt mer struktuert og grundig, fant og åpnet kanalen og en rimeligere krone ble svaret i steden for en kostbar bro.  Jeg vurderer å nominere henne til ”verdens beste tannlege”, men vil snakke med min norske tannlege - Rune  Berg i Drøbak -om det først....

Allerede etter et snautt kvarter i stolen - var mitt inntrykk at polsk tannpleie var den norske overlegen...

Og inntrykket forsterket seg gjennom uken.  Og prisen?  Den var så god at jeg bestmte meg for å gjøre mer enn jeg opprinnelig hadde planlagt.

Oppholdet i Polen ble derfor av noe lengre varighet og noe mindre organisert enn opprinnelig planlagt.  Det gjorde dog lite rent arbeidsmessig da forlengelsen gikk inn i påsken med begrenset arbeidstap...

I mellomtiden benyttet jeg anldendingen til sightseeing (med gratis guide), massasje (Kr. 100), hårklipp (Kr 30), mitt opprinnelig arbeid i Polen (finne bygg og anleggsfolkt) og diverse annet kontorarbeid og var jevnlig kontakt med hjemmekontoret via pensjonatets PC og mobilen.  Som om jeg var i Norge....

Når nå besøket nærmer seg slutten sitter jeg på pensjonatet *Zosienka" , 15 minutters gange fra gammelbyen i Gdansk (som mange kjenner som Danzig) og skriver artikkelen i håp om at mange nordmenn vil gjøre som jeg gjorde:  "Ta sjansen" (som ikke er noen sjanse), bestem deg for å få igjen smilet ditt, reparer selvtilliten, opplev Polen, spar lommeboka og bli så fornøyd at du frivillig setter deg ned og smiler bredt til andre og til deg selv i speilet, er imponert over resulatat og har spart lommeboka..

Mitt overslag med ett eller to besøk (ett besøk blir billigere enn ett p.g.a. mindre opphold på hotell/pensjonat, mindre tapt arbeidstid, og mer kjøp av takfree varer) er at den som måtte trenge tannbehandlng for Kr. 20.000 får det for langt under halvlparten.  Jo mer du trenger å få gjort, jo mer du bruker Reinhard og Godenta og jo flere besøk du gjør, jo mer sparer du!

Jeg har selv ingen  økonomisk interesse av at nordmenn kontakter meg for å høre mer. Jeg unner dem å få ”økonomiske tannproblemer”løst.  Og jeg unner Reinhard og Godenta å lykkes med sitt gode initiativ.

Til dem som nøler med å gjøre det: Du svikter ikke din lokale tannlege hvis du gjør det i Polen.  Han taper ikke på at du gjøre det der, fordi uten Polen har du rett og slett ikke råd til å gjøre det.....
 Min lokale tannlege stilte seg særdeles positivt til det jeg gjorde og sendte med meg såvel røntgenbilder som historikk. Takk for det Rune Berg, jeg vil fortsatt gjøre alle mindre omfattende arbeider hos deg.
Når du kontakter meg pr. telefon vil jeg etter samtalen sette deg i kontakt med Reinhard som etter nærmere diskusjon vil vise deg til den riktig tannlege og riktig bosted for deg, samt være din gratis guide i tiden i Gdansk.  Lykke til!

Kjell Klynderud
En smilende mann - nå

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  Elisabeth M., Stavanger, Norway   implant center Dr. Frankowski  
  E-Mail 13.04.07 to GODENTA  
  Dear Mr. Pletzer

........Thank you for your very informative letter. I think I will take this opportunity and make use of your services. It all seems very well organized and structured, something that makes me feel confident I'll be in good hands all the way........................
  E-Mail 19.04.07 to GODENTA  
  ........I must say, Mr Pletzer, that so far I'm quite impressed with this arrangement and your whole bussiness idea. You have made it so much easier for me to do this and I'm looking forward to my stay in Gdansk.
Best regards



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